"On the roads of the exodus"

An instrument
of dialog
and encounter

“On the roads of the exodus” is a magazine that serves as an instrument of dialogue and encounter among diverse groups of people/nationalities. Like our community of Secular Scalabrinian Missionary Women, it was born in Solothurn within a migration context and thus its being “on the road” belongs to its DNA.
Right from the beginnings “On the roads of the exodus” has had an informative and mostly formative character: it wants to give voice to the voiceless, reflect with the readers and friends on how to live together in diversity in our societies, in the Church and in the world, and how to interpret with the eyes of faith the events of our days, especially those occurring in the context of migration. The God of Exodus, in fact, writes the story together with our humanity and wants to unite us in one family.

...  reflecting on communion

This magazine crosses borders and reaches young people, migrants and friends in many different countries of the world. The editorial staff of the different editions are connected among themselves across the oceans.
Before this magazine reaches a reader, it has travelled, virtually and actually, thousands of kilometres for the translations, the corrections of the texts, the final editing … in a referral of communion/in a reflection of communion.

Sulle strade

Pelas estradas
do êxodo

Auf den Wegen
des Exodus

Por los caminos
del éxodo

  On the roads
  of the exodus

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