A band ...

From the beginning of our community’s history, there has always been a keen desire to express in music and words the events of our daily life, the most important encounters with young people and migrants and, especially, the experience of God who accompanies our lives.
To the first songs, composed by Maria Grazia and accompanied by a simple guitar, were gradually added new songs and composers, new musical instruments, new voices in different languages and nationalities giving life to an international band, the Scalabrini Band.

... on the road

Like migrants, the Scalabrini Band is always on the move, thereby also enriching itself with the sounds, the melodies, the hopes and nostalgia of the persons and people it encounters.
The missionaries who make up the Band live in different countries and come together for big events/meetings which are organised during the year among young people, migrants and friends on the exodus’s roads.
We could say it is a band that is like an accordion which widens and opens up, tightens and widens again, being enriched also by the contribution of young musicians and artists. In the arrangement of the different notes, voices and instruments that are in themselves diversified and yet seek each other, one can experience the joyful meeting of diversity, which flavours the celebration.

Recorded CDs of the Scalabrini-Band

CD "Quella luna rossa"

“That red moon” is inspired by the story of young migrants. While remaining in the night at the mercy of the waves of the Mediterranean, they saw a big red shining moon that lit up the shore: image of a living hope – rooted in the exodus of Jesus crucifi ed and risen – which crosses the history and the dramatic migrations of our times.
This hope, shared in the International Centres J. B. Scalabrini with young people of different nationalities, with migrants and refugees, is entrusted to the songs of the Scalabrini-Band, with the wish to accompany the steps of those who walk against the wind of individualism and of indifference.

The CD "Êxodo e Festa"

..... celebrates the Scalabrinian Centenary by dedicating his songs to all those who discover themselves as part of a wandering humanity and walk certain of God's project, in which each person is precious in his or her diversity.

"Exodo e Festa" is the title of a song which gives the name to the CD - it shows us the path, sometimes uncomfortable and narrow, which leads to an encounter with the other, friend or enemy, and to the discovery of the treasure hidden in every exodus.

This treasure allows us to anticipate the feast of communion and thus live on the border and without borders, sharing the road with those on the road.

CD "Straniero
            ...sto nascendo"

The songs on this CD express what is seen, met, prayed, hoped with migrants and young people while remaining on the road.
From this being itinerant, first of all in the heart, to opening ourselves to the gift of God, takes its title the song that gives its name to this CD "Straniero ... sto nascendo"
Together with "Exodo e festa" it was recorded on the occasion of the Scalabrinian Centenary. Its songs are dedicated to all those who discover themselves as part of a pilgrim humanity and walk certain of God's plan, in which each one is precious in his or her diversity.

CD "Gente che va" 

While accompanying the steps of a pilgrim humanity, the notes of the Scalabrini Band intertwine in concert to celebrate John Baptist Scalabrini, Father and Apostle of migrants, beatified on November 9, 1997.
Thus was born "Gente che va", a CD dedicated to the Scalabrinian Family, to the migrants of the world, to the "Friends on the roads of the exodus", to young people of different nationalities, who meet to find Life in challenges and in the celebration of diversity.

It is possible ... Si può!

The DVD “It is possible” is a recital which was inspired by listening to the experiences of migrants, refugees and young people on the exodus roads.
It was prepared during the meetings which took place
A performance was recorded live to announce the certainty that within the expectations of today, a greater plan is being fulfilled, even though there is an exodus of many migrants and refugees. This is a plan that only special eyes can recognise, just as J.B. Scalabrini (1839-1905) did.